• Head & Neck Cancer

  • Although head and neck malignancies account for only 5% of all cancers, the impact of these cancers and their treatments may be more debilitating than at almost any other site. Goals of treatment, besides curing, include retaining the patient's ability to speak, eat, smell and breathe in an acceptable manner. 

    We have a goal of limiting weight loss to 10% and in 2011 the average weight loss of our patients during therapy was 5.5%.

    Achieving these goals requires the coordination of care between surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists, as well as support disciplines such as pathology, diagnostic radiology, voice and swallowing therapists and care navigators.

    We have offered this coordinated care for many years and our staff includes:

    • Some of the busiest and most experienced thyroid and parathyroid surgeons in the western United States
    • Surgeons experienced in minimally-invasive techniques
    • Recognized HPV (human papilloma virus)-associated head and neck malignancies
    • Outstanding surgeons and specialists trained in the complex treatment of Cyberknife® for selected cases of skull base malignancies

    For more information call us at 719-776-6111.

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