• Prostate Cancer

  • Genitourinary tumors, which include the urinary tract of males and females and the reproductive system of males, are the most common cancers we treat here.  Our urologic  surgeons have a long history of providing state-of-the-art surgical care as part of a collaborative approach to treating the patient's malignancy.  A close working relationship is maintained with medical and radiation oncologists, as well as with diagnostic and interventional radiology. We were the first, and remain the only, institution in Southern Colorado to perform robotic assisted radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer.

    Patients treated here for prostate cancer in 2003, the last year for which complete 5-year survival data are available, achieved 93% 5-year survival. This compares favorably with data from university and teaching hospitals (90%) and a set of comparable Catholic community hospitals (86%).

    In recent years, the DaVinci robotic system is the predominant surgical technique. With this technique, the surgeon performs the dissection robotically, employing small incisions, offering the advantage of more precise dissection with a goal of minimizing side effects. Penrose-St. Francis urologic surgeons are among the most experienced in the state, with over 200 robotic prostatectomies performed annually.

    Average duration of hospital stay for our prostate cancer patients has progressively improved to an average of 1 day, with an average operating time of approximately 3 hours.

    We also have the state's largest experience with HDR (high dose rate brachytherapy). HDR offers focused high dose internal treatments that can be completed as an outpatient with minimal complications.

    Anuj Peddada, MD,  and colleagues have published a large experience in HDR brachytherapy for patients with large prostate glands, as well as patients with prior TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate), establishing a new option for these patients increasingly adopted nationwide.

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