• Cancer Counseling

  • Cancer Counseling at Penrose Cancer Center, Colorado SpringsWhile our leading-edge cancer treatments focus on healing the physical components of the disease, our masters-level psychosocial counseling helps patients and their families win the emotional war against cancer. Maintaining emotional well-being and coping with the stresses associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment are important to your cancer care. You are not alone. Drawing on years of counseling experience, our cancer counselor provides:

    • An understanding friend to talk who understands your illness and what you're going through
    • Emotional support and time to talk about your fears and anxieties
    • Counseling for patients, families, friends and significant support persons
    • A support group where you can talk with others in similar situations
    • Help with coordination of care among all of your caregivers
    • Hints to help you communicate effectively with your physicians and your health care team
    • Help determining your needs and those of your family as well as strategies to meet those needs
    • Referrals to community resources

    This service is free of charge to all Penrose Cancer Center patients. For more information call Sherry Martin at (719) 776-5311.

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