• Early Detection

  • Penrose Cancer Center recommends these screening guidelines for most adults. Talk with your doctor about your personal and family history to determine what screening schedule is best for you. All screening recommendations should be individualized based upon family history and presence of symptoms.

    Mammogram:                           Every year beginning at age 40
    Clinical Breast Exam:              Every three years from age 20 - 39
                                                         Every year beginning at age 40
    Breast Self Exam:                    Every month, 7 - 10 days after the start of your period beginning at age 20

    Treasure Your Chest
    Commit to being breast self-aware by signing up for Bright Pink's text message reminders to check your breasts! Monitoring your breasts on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get to know your normal and detect any differences, should they arise. (1 msg/month - msg & data rates may apply)

    Pap Test: Begin having Pap tests at age 21. If you have sex before this, get a Pap test within three years of beginning to have sexual intercourse. Most women should have a Pap test at least once every three years.

    Colon and Rectum
    Colonoscopy (recommended):                                      Every 10 years beginning at age 50
    Fecal occult blood test:                                                    Every year beginning at age 50
    Sigmoidoscopy or double contrast barium enema:   Every 5 years beginning at age 50
    CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy):                        Every 5 years beginning at age 50

    Skin check by a doctor every year

    Online Resources

    American Cancer Society
    National Cancer Institute

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