• Genetic Counseling

  • The Hereditary Cancer Service at the Penrose Cancer Center provides cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and testing services for individuals and families with concerns about inherited cancer predispositions.  Services are provided by a team of cancer professionals led by our genetic counselors.

    Cancer genetic counselors specialize in educating individuals about inherited cancer risks identifying what type of inherited predisposition could be possible and knowing the appropriate type of test to order, interpreting results so that you and your doctor can make informed decisions regarding your medical care.

    The genetic counselors at Penrose's Hereditary Cancer Service are experts at family history assessment.  Personalized risks are estimated for each patient seen in our service, based on their medical and family histories.  These estimates are used to:

    • Determine the chance to develop cancer in the near future and over a lifetime. The chance for cancer determines risk management options. Management may include special screenings, surgeries or medications. 
    • Determine the chance for an inherited predisposition to cancer. If this risk is high, genetic lab testing is an option. Certain inherited gene changes greatly increase cancer risk.

    Our genetic counselors discuss risks and management options with each patient. A written summary of the discussion is sent to the patient and his/her referring provider. The patient and provider can then develop an individualized risk-management plan. Detailed information about family history and genetic risks empower patients to reduce their cancer risks, or to detect cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages.  Looking to the past, we can change the future.

    For more information, please contact one of our genetic couselors at (719) 776-5279
    Read our Hereditary Cancer Brochure

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